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Be free to create and manage your passwords.

Who are we?
We are a small company from beautiful Ravensburg in the south of Germany. SveedPass was founded in 2023 and since then has set itself the goal of making password management as easy as possible for everyone.
What is our mission?
We want to make the topic of password security tangible for everyone and give them a tool that can automatically create and securely store passwords. Forgotten passwords are now a thing of the past. Try it out right away.
Benefit from our exciting features and constant improvements. We are constantly developing and updating the app for you to provide you with the easiest and most intuitive experience possible.

Create entries for access data to websites and banks and store them locally and strongly encrypted on your iPhone. No one else but you has access to your data. Not even us.

Create local backup copies of your passwords that you can protect with your own password. This way you can make sure that you will never lose or forget your passwords again.

Benefit from the constant improvements and new features of the app that are constantly being developed by our team.

For just 1.99$ / month
Create as many entries as you like and benefit from all the exciting updates in the future.
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